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North American Business Alliance
North American Business alliance is a business organization of Chinese & American enterprises base in North America. It takes "deep cooperation, resource sharing, common development and service enterprises" as its principle, constantly optimizes the allocation of service resources, provides all-round, deep-seated, professional and preferential high-quality services for Chinese & American enterprises, and builds an all-round and multi-level Chinese & American enterprise society. The service system will be integrated to cope with fierce competition in the business field.
As a professional, authoritative and practical " service platform for Chinese & American enterprises in the United States", the North American Business Alliance provides a comprehensive resource system for Chinese Chinese enterprises, such as financial payment, network technology, marketing and promotion, legal consultation and financial investment, with the help of the resources of various professional organizations.
Through a series of alliance activities, to achieve the sharing and exchange of customers and resources, enhance brand exposure, enhance local influence and market coverage in the United States. Let alliance merchants inherent resources to achieve good mutual benefit, so as to maximize corporate resources, especially customer groups.
The aim of the chamber is to nurture members to achieve success through resource integration and seek to create mutually beneficial alliances with businesses from all over North America. Encourage more young people to start their own businesses and help create their own sky. In addition, we also warmly welcome business associations with the same ideas to work together and work together to complement each other to achieve this goal.
1.let member businesses have the opportunity to integrate entrepreneurs from all over North America.
2.create joint business opportunities for young entrepreneurs in all fields.
3.make members more independent and help them improve their resilience and gain more business opportunities.
4.traction technology cooperation, resource integration, reduce business risks, so that members of the enterprise diversification.
Become a major business platform for North American members and the main platform recognized by the rest of the world.
Financial payment
WeChat pay & Alipay
The North American business Alliance provides a variety of payment options for merchants to the US dollar through the payment function of WeChat and Alipay. Its comprehensive management system meets the needs of customers and businesses, and has broad application prospects and development space in dozens of industries such as supermarkets, restaurants, tourism, study abroad.
Internet & marketing services

Enterprise website

WeChat official account

Mobile APP development

All-round Internet solutions, from corporate websites, Wechat official account to mobile APP development, involving mobile marketing, malls, enterprises, medical, catering, real estate, automobiles, technology, fashion, fitness and other fields.
Corporate Finance & Investment Services
Enterprise financing services, enterprise IPO listing, investment services, public welfare
Corporate legal rights advice and assistance
Provide legal consultation and legal services for enterprises in intellectual
property rights, commercial contracts, lawyer letters, enterprise negotiations,
investment behavior, economic litigation, case entrustment, etc.
Bridge between government and enterprises
To help enterprises contact government departments, effectively improve the efficiency of enterprise
cooperation, reduce communication costs, help enterprises to timely understand policy and economic
and trade information, to achieve timely transmission of information, and to provide a platform for
enterprises and government responsible persons to communicate directly.
North American news
News and information
Eminent figure
North American Business School
Entrepreneur exchange learning platform
China-West Business Innovation Course, Global Business School Alliance, tailor-made
business management courses and wealth management lectures for American entrepreneurs
and business elites, to build a platform for entrepreneurs to exchange and learn.
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North American Business Alliance
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